Where to begin?

Here are a few pics. from todays inspection. There is a knife disconnect to the right taht shuts the system down. My concern is that, the sub panels are all coming from the panel on the right with the knife disconnect. I could not locate where the knife panel was bonded. All comments are welcomed.

Begin by referring it to a licensed electrician. It has so many “add-ons” that are improperly installed that this thing could be a hazard.

Some of those wires coming off the main are horribly undersized. (100(?) amp to 12 guage)!!

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:Recommend having an automatic fire suppression system installed…

Recommend installing a 100 amp circuit breaker panel minimum. Eliminating all of the little sub-panels. Appears that those are 100 amp cartridge fuses in the main disconnect.

Let’s assume they do your recommendation and complain later because it is inadequate. Where do you stand?

On what basis do you make that recommendation?

Simple .,

Get the electrician come out and get this mess fix up too many code volitations there { I am not going to list all of it }