Where to get 7a "WDO" study guide?

ive been searching all over, contacting kansas department of ag, i cannot seem to find a copy of this study guide anywhere… in my state there you must have a commercial pesticide applicator license just to perform WDO inspections but i cant find the study guide anywhere… any help is appreciated!!!

It’s out there, I found it from Florida !!

Commercial Applicators | Pesticides IPM | Research and Extension | Kansas State University (k-state.edu)

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I found that as well, but it seems I can’t buy it from them the only option is a pdf, and every time I try to print it, it only prints blank pages… not very helpful

Something likely wrong with your PDF viewer/reader, or similar.

I printed out a few pages, all OK.

Try this PDF, I used a PDF print driver to create it.

Kansas WDO.pdf (801.2 KB)

I appreciate your help sir, I think the issue may be with my printer it’s self. I had to break down and buy them from k state, thanks for your help though!!

Online Courses - Pested.com

They have a lot of study guides. They counted towards my states education reequipments too.