Where to get started

I’m sure this as been covered before but I could not find any threads on this using the search function.

I’m wondering where one gets started in the home inspection business. I’m looking to do this as a part time thing right now. I’m currently employed as a structural engineer in Minnesota full time so I am familiar with the IBC, ASCE 7-05 and the MSBC. I believe my background in structural engineering could translate into a home inspection opportunity. I’m also familiar with how houses are built but do not know the exact requirements beyond structural integrity of a house/structure. I do have some basic knowledge in electrical and plumbing but I am by no means an expert. I currently own my own house and do my own maintenance and repairs for the most part.

I would like to know where I could get started in this trade and would like to apply some of my engineering knowledge in the home inspection business.


Start at the beginning of those two links and work your way down.

You are at the right place for sure Jason. Start by joining InternNachi. The benefits are outstanding and the training is exceptional. I paid $2K for my initial training and at the time did not know about InterNachi.

I think the educational instruction that is available to InterNachi members provides more content and is better prepared. Also, the ability to seek guidance and help from a multitude of highly experienced inspection professionals via this forum is invaluable.