Where to send samples?

Haven’t started up business yet, but recently took the video mold course and in the process of membership. I am in Ontario and looking for a Canadian lab to send samples to. I’ve been able to find one online, but surely there are others?


Welcome Steve…

I use EMSL in the States. They have a Lab in Toronto…

EMSL Toronto…


Hey steve look into pro-lab I think it is out of ontario they are suppose to be the best

I disagree 100%. Pro-lab is the least liked in this area. Almost ALL of the mold remediation companies I deal with see a test from this lab and automatically want another test from a different lab. I have not had good luck with them in the past and they even cost me about $2500 in past from an inaccurate reading in 2001. Find the people from the mold section here…find the ones that do mold testing and then ask them. I do about 15 mold tests per week and do not, nor would I ever use them again. Its not the person who qualifies the lab, its the person who actually READS the sample. I can have 100 PhD’s in my company, but if its a blind person who has no formal training reading the sample. Then what good is it?

I use ESA.