Where were you at SUPER Bowl #1

Vietnam I remember thinking what the devil is a super bowl:D

January 15, 1967 for those who don’t remember 100%.

Bart Starr (Greenbay at the time) won the first ever Super Bowl MVP.

Playing with my tinker toys. I was also wearing a Bart Starr Helmet. I still have it.

I was a twinkle in my parents eyes :slight_smile:

Birthday September 4, 1968


I wasn’t born for another 12 years!

i was a couple weeks away from seeing daylight for the first time…

Now that’s what I call A HALFTIME SHOW !!:mrgreen:

10th grade of High school. Drafted in 1970 for Viet Nam, discharged on Medical reasons unknown today.

Alright Charlie, your the Old man here. Glad you came back buddy. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile:

Chanute AFB

Learning to become a nuke missile kicker :cool:

In the eight grade getting my ribs kicked in while playing football on the B team.
The dream of ever playing in the Superbowl was fading rapidly for me back then.

not born til 78

Playing in the sandbox in kindergarten. 5yrs.old:roll:

Probably because it wasn’t called the “Super Bowl”. It was the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” until the 1970 merger between the two leagues.

The agreement was actually in the works in 1966 and became official in 1970.

I very distinctly remember having the game piped over the ships intercom by the armed forces broadcast network in 1967 and it may not have been official but the term Super bowl was used during the broadcast I was on my second tour and did not arrive back in the US until 1968:shock:

17 years old grad. high school that May.

Born 1969,… the best year ever,:cool: :mrgreen: so I don’t remember the first Super Bowl,… or the second,… or the third,… or fifth,… ummmm yeah,… 6th either,… :shock: I think I was awake by the time the 7th was played,… :mrgreen: