Where were you?


Did not have enough F-16s operational to fly 24 hours a day for 3 days. Needed the F-15s to fill the time slots we couldn't. Our F-16s escorting Air Force One would have shot down any aircraft (maybe trying to ram AF 1) that got within a specified distance. We were not worried about SAMs.

It became obvious to me that religion could never fulfill it’s promise of peace, moreover it shown itself as a false-flag that promotes a division between people that would not exist without it’s influence.

Imagine no religion, it’s easy if you try.

I find myself in agreement with joey. :shock:

But Jesus Christ can fulfill every promise He made and more than that.:wink:

It is a universal problem…confusing Christianity with religion.

Is it not amazing how we are able to recall exactly what we were doing that day.

I was sitting in a track hoe digging for a new installation of underground utilities listening casually to my favorate radio station. When the news came on I thought is was some joke skit at first.

Soon after we were all told we could go home for the day if we wanted.
An evacuation of the local power plant was underway. News came in that the President was on his way to SAC. For months after security monitored the bridges and waterways near the power plant.

What problem? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

I remember the silence of the air following 9-11, the lack of aircraft in the sky’s was Erie. I never would have thought that the sound of airplanes would be missed.

I was in the Middle East. Pucker factor pretty high since we were not at a traditional base. Or a base at all for that matter. Only concealed side arms and civilian clothes. Turned out OK BUT we out there hanging for a couple days.

And if you act like one you are one.:roll::roll:



In Canada’s east coast provinces, when airliners that were arriving from overseas were grounded, hundreds of Canadian families welcomed the stranded passengers into their homes. Communities provided food and entertainment and companionship to stranded travelers. I know some of these Canadians and they still receive letters of thanks from the American travelers that they welcomed into their homes.