Where would Elon Musk get $43 billion to buy Twitter? He doesn't even have a billion in cash

Impossible, IMHO. Won’t happen, though I wish it would.


I thought you were going to back him? :crazy_face:


Musk’s wealth is on paper, just like the rest of the oligarchs. And he wouldn’t be where he is without billions in government subsidies. But I do appreciate him for his propensity for free speech. That should be a requirement for any of the oligarchs before they can own more than a hundred shares of any communications stock.

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Looks like I was right. It ain’t happening.

like Manny said i thought You were the numbers guy Nick,

As predicted. He didn’t buy it.

I spoke with Elon last week about this. Unfortunately he tried to get OBiden and company to lend them the printing presses so he could print up the money he needed. However the Democrats were to busy using the presses and would not give him any time on them. :money_mouth_face:


He was successful in publicizing on a global scale that Twitter is a POS platform and is basically useless.

The purpose of Twitter and many other worthless social media platforms is to transition sacred truths which underpin society such as the bible; to a new sacred truth known as secularism. The reason this is never going to be wholly successful is because there is no sacred truth in secularism. Case in point, we can no longer define a man or woman.

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He will still buy it, but it will cost less. Wait and see. As far as where the money comes from he has enough collateral to get that sort of loan.

You are probably right. He has been successful driving the stock price down. I think it started at $54 and is now around $36. If he buys it, it will shoot right back up. Advertisers will love him if he can get the actual user information to be correct and transparent.

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R.I.P. Twitter

The employees had until 2pm PT on Thursday to select “yes” on a Google Form to the question of whether they wanted to stay at Twitter, according to reports by The Verge and New York Times among others. Instead, employees began posting farewell messages to what has been described as an avalanche of salute emojis.

Too bad there ain’t a law forbidding quitting, no?:saluting_face:

Don’t believe everything you read. Elon Musk doesn’t own twitter. He got a bunch of other people to buy it. Right now, he owns only 9.6% of Twitter. There was no way that he could ever buy Twitter. Any two of the many other owners could come together and throw him out tomorrow. 9.6% doesn’t make him the owner.


Why? That’s awesome news!
Hundreds? (A drop in the bucket).
Now THATS how you “separate the wheat from the chaff”!!


Elon Musk is the largest shareholder at 9.6%.

Once everyone gets a look behind the curtain and sees the ‘wizard’ mental masturbation the jig is up.

While Musk may be an extreme case, he’s also the perfect example of the modern CEO: a chaotic blend of unproductive micromanagement and highly paid absenteeism. Being the “chief executive” is meant to be the highest position in the organization — the person who is ultimately responsible for everything in the company — and yet the modern executive is someone who deliberately takes on multiple roles, directorships, book deals, and speaking arrangements. As the executive of a boutique tech public-relations firm, I am tired of the chief hypocrisy officers who claim that people “aren’t working hard enough” as they reap the benefits of multiple jobs and roles. Instead of seeing the role of a chief executive as one ultimately responsible for the successes and failures of a company, it has become a personality-driven stepping stone to elevate the brand and likeness of one well-paid individual.

He doesn’t need cash to buy twitter. He can put his stock up as collateral and any bank will loan him money. Personally, I this twitter is worth 50 bucks a share but that isn’t my problem. It will be the banks if it goes lower, but they will just do a margin call and make him liquidate the appropriate amount to cover the loan requirements. They (the banks) think he is good for it.

Looks like the left will once again have to prove something-something to someone-everyone… Anyway, in the meantime it appears that they are shutting down Elon’s ability to generate cash for Twitter thru advertising. The only companies still advertising on Twitter sell shitty pillows and catheters. :money_with_wings: :rofl: :rainbow:

Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., Ford, Jeep, Kyndryl, Merck & Co. and Novartis AG all issued statements about halting Twitter ads or were reported and confirmed as doing so. The others ceased advertising on the platform for a “significant period of time following direct outreach, controversies, and warnings from media buyers.”

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If corporations wish to continue to do business in America, they will have to appease these idiots. Or is it the other way around?


As the rest of the market today rebounded Tesla was down 11%… :money_with_wings:

Progressives did this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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