Where's NACHI on this Website?

Where’s NACHI on the crayola man’s website, does the NACHI Logo embarrass him? Or is it another case of different rules for the Gods of ESOP and other MASTERS?


From the NACHI COE: Members of other associations are welcome to join NACHI but a requirement of membership is that NACHI must be given equal prominence in your marketing (brochures and websites) as other associations you belong to.

I see CMI displayed prominently on Franks site, but where oh where is NACHI? Take a look at other prominent MASTERS who are also NACHI members and you’ll find the same thing… What happened to NACHI when these people became MASTERS? It seems they don’t want to be publically associated with NACHI any more, one thing it seems the MASTERS and I have in common.

Poor Lewis just wants so bad to help NACHI .
I think he is disapointed he is no longer a member .
We all miss the old Lewis he was always so help full.
I wonder why he suddenly changed… Cookie


and prominantly mentioned throughout the site…

The NACHI logo or name would be required to be on every page that any other logo is on according to the NACHI COE.

But rules or only to be followed by us commoners.

Brian - CMI is not an association. It is simply a designation.

Frank is in full compliance with the COE with his choices of where and how to display his NACHI logo.

James you are correct. Designation, ahhh, as a commoner myself sometimes my reading skills need work.

In that case CMI should be on every page and I was incorrect.:frowning:

Thank You James.:smiley:

You’re welcome, sir.

Funny though how a mighty member of the NACHI ESOP committee fails to include any NACHI Logo at all, that shows his pride in NACHI doesn’t it.

Maybe, like me, he thought the NACHI Logo was harmful to his business. He’s not the only NACHI CMI that seems to feel that way, look at some of their sites.

CMI a NEW and SUPERIOR Designation that allows the MASTERS to ignore their relationship with NACHI, at least in public, Certified Inspector no longer seems to mean anything, but then it never has meant much at all anyway. Isn’t Certified Inspector only a Designation?

NACHI Members, it seems your leaders are ashamed of you.

Farsetta doesn’t have his CMI Logo listed on his Web site, but he doesn’t have NACHI’s either, and why does he have this instead of Find an Inspector on his webpage:

“Visit http://www.inspectionzone.com for listings of home inspectors in other locations”

It seems the “chairman” is ashamed of NACHI too.
for listings of home inspectors in other locations.

** Vor listings of home inspectors in other locations. **

**for listings of home inspectors in other locations. **

I think some folks spend too little time marketing and too much time finding fault with others.

Jae, you have a way with words ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The above in red was on Lewis’s last post and hidden. I wonder has he been getting subliminal messages from afar, is this why he has changed .

Lewis You just might need to get some professional help from the message’s you are receiving.

Poor Lewis just wants so bad to help NACHI .
I think he is disappointed he is no longer a member .
We all miss the old Lewis he was always so help full.
I wonder why he suddenly changed… Cookie –

This post is from the person who is illiterate and you lewis, choose to make fun of who does not hear voices from afar.

Jae, I’m not finding fault with others, I’m just pointing out that your leaders seem to be embarrassed, at least publicly, by their association with NACHI, why else wouldn’t their Nachi Membership be proudly and distinctly displayed on their business websites? Finding fault, not this time, this is one of those very rare times I agree with them.

Of course if a regular old Nachi Certified Inspector were to omit reference to NACHI and display a “designation” awarded by another association, the “leaders” would really be pissed.

CMI is a new NACHI Tier, and nothing but a marketing scam, take a look at CMI’s board, and even more interesting its education “Providers”, funny

Also read the CMI application very closely, just where is Home Inspection or Home Inspectors mentioned?

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, the pessimist fears this is true.” - ](http://www.quotationspage.com/quote/9052.html)James Branch Cabell

You might not be able to spell worth a damn Roy, but you should be able to read


Do you see any NACHI Logo’s there? Did you read the bottom of the page? Why wouldn’t the “Chairman” have NACHI displayed prominently on his web site, why wouldn’t he post a NACHI link there, so that visitors to his site would find NACHI Inspectors?

Your spelling is usually okay Roy, not correct but close enough, every now and then you seem to get so pissed that your writing tends to “stutter” making what you are trying to say difficult for others to read, that’s what I criticised the other day, your anger, not your spelling, take a few deep breaths every now and then Roy. Just think about my questions though, why do NACHI Leaders not display any NACHI Logo if they are so proud of their association with NACHI? It’s something all members should wonder.

By the way, I’ve gotten many more inspections from Insectionzone than I have from NACHI’s Inspector locators. Thanks to whoever posted the link about it. another thing you don’t need Nachi for.

and Jae, the New Breed of Elite Home Inspectors is now CMI, not NACHI, just ask them.

Mr. Capul,

I don’t know you from a hill of beans, but I have looked at both websites you cite. I am compelled to say that you, sir, are full of sh!t. Whether or not they display the NACHI logo is a personal matter and business decision. They also use the NACHI name frequently. What right is it of yours to tell anyone how they should configure their website? Are you paying part of the costs? If this is the best you can come up with, you seriously need a life, or at least a hobby. I have been a member of this organization for almost a year and never posted until recently. It was stupidity such as this that has caused me to respond. If you have nothing positive to add, or necessary for debate, then find another activity. From what I see, you are just stirring the sh!t because you like the smell. Have a good day now, you hear.

Quote: Michael W. Gault.
and prominantly mentioned throughout the site…
End Quote:

Hi to all,
Apparently Lewis Capaul is either blind, has poor reading comprehension skills, or is just plain stupid. My bet is that …………………. he is just plain stupid, because even someone with the lowest level of reading comprehension skills can “see” the NACHI logos on these pages.

Lewis is famous for his "irrational and *just plain **stupid *denunciations". His attack will now shift to okay, okay I will admit that it is on “some” pages but not all. He will ignore the fact that two entire pages are devoted strictly to NACHI and go on to attack some other “imaginary wrong” to either him, the industry, or to the general public.

Lewis, the fact that you are on an old, mangy, falling down horse, charging at a tilting windmill is not as laughable as the fact that you are “completely exposed” as an idiot while you do so! You are destroying what ever credibility that you might have had. And I repeat "might have had"!

It is Friday night, and I am sure that you have had one or two drinks under your belt that has only thrown fire on the “gasoline soaked brain” of yours.

All I will say is this ………… I have inspection reports to complete, and I don’t want to waste my time on a clown like you. So go ahead, and continued to make a complete and utter jackass of yourself. When you have the time click on the links below and you will see the NACHI logo, and the NACHI name prominently displayed.





http://www.americascertifiedinspectioncompanyllc.com/BUILDINGHOMEINSPECTOR {FAQ}




I went and looked at Frank’s web site and he mentions NACHI nine times… that
is nine times more than zero.

BTW… nice site Frank.

Also… I like what Mr Williams had to say.

NACHI provides no special benefits to CMI inspectors and NACHI has
no membership requirements relating to CMI. Therefore NACHI does
not treat CMI as anything more than it’s intended purpose, which is simply
a designation that any inspector, from any association can earn.

I try not to advertise the CMI designation too much on the NACHI
forum, but sometimes certain people offer a slam dunk, and I
cannot resist.


Where are the NACHI Logo’s on your HOme Page Frank?



Why would you hide them on your Home Page, it seems a great NACHI Leader would display them Proudly…