Where's the defect?

Service entrance conductors in this 200-amp main panel connect to a 125-amp breaker installed on the bus bar instead of the main bus bar lugs. Similar to a split bus, except I’m used to seeing the controlling breaker of a split bus installed separately from branch circuit breakers.
What exactly is the defect here?

Looks like the grounding cable and SE neutral are switched.

Hi Kent,

there isn’t one, at least not a big one that I could see. That is just a back-fed breaker acting as the main (it should have and additional fastener preventing it’s removal)

BTW what do those feeders go to they’re huge?



They feed a 900 sq. ft. garage workshop, yep, they’re whoppers, especially for the 100-amp breaker feeding the shop sub panel.
This is a configuration I’m not used to seeing, thanks

Neutral and grounding bus bars were joined by a jumper and had a bonding strap.

In the 2nd picture the service entry goes to the breaker on the lower right. The neutral is feeding the bus with the bare ground wires (should feed the neutral bus). There is no evidence of a cable to an earth-ground rod.

You’re right Jae, a could be seen leaving the panel but there was no electrode visible.

“The main electrical service grounding electrode was not visible at the time of the inspection. A grounding conductor was visible exiting the main panel, but the inspector was unable to confirm it’s proper termination or proper grounding of the electrical service.
This is a common condition and no problems relating to this condition was apparent at the time of the inspection. Outlets in the home appeared to be properly grounded at the time of the inspection. Confirmation of proper grounding would require the services of a qualified electrical contractor using special equipment.”

Hi Jae & Kent, I hate to differ, but I think you are wrong.

As this is the panel containing the main disconnect the Neutrals and grounds may be connected, which they are as seen from the silver jumper at the extreme left of picture 2.

As to the panel ground, that is achieved through the ridgid conduit connecting the Panel to the meter base, if you look real close you can also see a conductor attached to it at the bottom of the picture.



Why is it that people “hate to differ”, but do it anyway. Seems to me if it’s so hateful, ya’ hadn’t oughta punish yourself.:):):slight_smile:

Too funny Jae, actually I was just about to correct myself as you were posting, the GEC should be continuous, but I see a lot done like that with the GEC wire coming out of the meter and down to the rod(s)



I often see a GEC coming from the panel to a GE and the GC from the meter splices into it with a connector.

hmm…I dont see a picture to comment on.

Maybe they got deleted