Where's Thornberry?

I never tried this before. CLICK on the IMAGE


Admit it Michael! You miss him!!!:twisted:

No really I don’t.

He just has some unfinished business.

Does anyone really miss him?

Damnit! Don’t jinx the solitude we are enjoying since he “tucked tail and ran”!

Is that the link to submit photo’s to milk carton manufacturers??? :neutral:

I wish it was that easy.:wink:

Actually I hope you are right and that we have heard the last from Thornberry for a about a year or so. :wink: :wink:

Yep… and what’s that saying about “…cutting of a snake’s head…”!!!

First you complain he is hear, now you miss him . Make up your mind

Where did I say I missed him? :roll:

Try reading all the poss before you spew.

Poss? i read the post , but not the poss. So why stir the pot big guy ? **** disturbing is below you isn’t?:wink: OH (poss ) agitating them with a long rod, pole, etc

Well you are certainly familiar with stirring the pot now aren’t you?:frowning:

Learning from the best ( you) . just think of me as grasshopper .

As in something to be stepped on;-)

LOL . yeah come on down and try big boy.

To are so literal.

Lighten up little guy.:wink:

WoW! Nathan isn’t even showing his face and we have a pissing match going on!
What a joke.

Wayne always thinks he can out pee me.:shock:

Nathan is your antagonist, where would you be with out him?!

Happy as clam. Really

He is a blight on NACHI

IMHO of course.

But Nathan is your antagonist, where would you be without him?