wherever your getting your info on this subject is wrong man

Did he call G Sullivan or G Haege etc for this incompetent thought-process on why his one corner leaks? Wrong premise baby!

a 12 minute video on crrrrrrrap!!! exterior drain tile, think again

Here’s a perfect example of why most block walls leak, of why most people leak at-near a corner etc. Yeah yeah, you may not care for how uncle Bubba’s narration or choice of words etc, fine, fc that, point is I’m right and the inside system companies are wrong, they lie, cheat, scam… period!

Same house as previous video but of the INSIDE of the stupid basement. See the water on the floor? It all came from that corner, it all came in because of those EXTERIOR cracks in the foundation wall. Also notice you don’t see any cracks in wall when you look at the inside of wall! GOT THAT???