Whew, 2014 in the books!

Just finished my last report of 2014, 362 home inspections, my busiest year yet. Maybe I’ll break 400 next year…I hope my iNACHI brothers and sisters also prospered this year, this association has been a real catalyst in my business going from muddling along to strong growth year by year, so thanks to the iNACHI team, and my fellow inspectors who have shared insights over the years I’ve been here. Happy New Year!

Back at ya! 352 for a one man show! It was a good year!

Nicely done Larry! I’m a 1 man operation too. Glad to hear it!!

Good job guys!

Great job!!

This was an incredible year for me as well. I am so glad that I went into this business on the upward swing of things. To those that started before and made it through the recession, I have nothing but respect for you.

Congratulations. I have zero lol. I am excited to start here in my area. I hope I can become that successful. Best of luck to everyone in the 2015 season.

282 Home Inspections
195 Radon Test
65 Mold Inspections

My best year by far.

Down 21% from last year. Down 78% from 2004. Glad some HI’s are doing well. I am considering taking down all of my CMI marketing to see if my business goes back to 2004 levels.

Past 3 years I’ve been up about 50% each year.
Very happy with growth needless to say, and expecting a very good 2015.

BTW- I don’t do a whole lot of radon as we don’t have very high levels here and don’t get much call for mold either though I offer it.

We do have rental inspections here so they fill in some as well.
Also I work with an organization that provides outreach to homeless people.
They try to get some of them into apartments, employed and stablized so
they can hopefully go on their own.
Thats kind of another filler along with the home inspections and I do feel good
about helping out as they never had a real home inspector looking at the apts. before.

Heres to a great 2015 everyone!


Sorry to hear that Gary, Is KC really that bad? You’re not the first one I’ve heard out that way say folks do not want the best in favor of the cheapest. Sounds like the area needs some education…Hey, lets work for a better 2015