Whew, glad that's over

The state of Alabama requires the NHIE for licensure, as well as an SOP/Ethics test from an un-named association.:wink:
I was scheduled to and took the NHIE yesterday. I had taken the “other” test a couple of weeks ago and passed.
After about the third question, I started thinking about having to re-take it, the thirty day waiting period, the extra fee and study materials I might need to re-take the test. It was painful and I didn’t have very much confidence.
I did not go back over any questions for review, even though the computerized test asks several times if I was sure I wanted to end the test. After that the suspense continues with a survey and finally expecting to see FAIL, I see PASS. You could of knocked me over with a feather. Minimum score is 500, I had 573.
Many questions that were totally irrelevant to home inspectors. Seems that most of the heating questions were oil/steam. At least on my test and not relevant here in the south.
I’ll admit, I did seem to do a lot of guessing and tried to crawl into the head of the writer of the test to determine the “best” answer.
The InterNachi pre-license test was very helpful. Thank you
I’m just thrilled never to have see that darn test again.


My experience with the test in Texas was similar. The majority of the test was NHIE, the rest specific to Texas.

I went in confident I had a good grasp on the concepts and technical aspects, but that confidence was shaken when I encountered terms and scenarios that were not covered in the training material.

I was also put off by the number of questions that dealt with situations that seemed highly unlikely (to me, at least) to ever come up in the process of performing an inspection.

I did go back and review all of the questions, and actually caught a few careless mistakes. Some I just had to make my best guess.

I passed, but I know that my education has just begun.