Which DJI Drone?

Im going to buy a DJI drone, not sure which one? I own a brand new Phantom 4 pro +, that has never been activated, opened the box to look at it. Or should I sell it and buy a Mavic 2 zoom?
The reason I bought the Phantom because it looks to be the stronger drone because of the one piece body. The Mavic zoom look really useful and portable, just a little hesitant on its durability.
Mavic 2 Zoom vs Phantom 4 pro, what do you guys think?

I have the mavic pro, no issues, flies great, take a great pictures. It does the job and is cheaper than a phantom.

I don’t think you need to buy anything. Those #drones are nice.
I choose the Mavic Pro Platinum …It has a zoom.
And is somewhat quieter. I was totally surprised at how well the images are.
I like how compact it is …Here is my setup…The ipad and everything else is in the other pack.
The drone case fits in the other pack as well.

Here is my neighbors house. This was my first shot…

Do you have any close up pictures that could detect imperfections? These drones are awesome, I want mine to help pay for itself through my inspections, so close ups are very important to me.

Yep! I was my first try at it…
I will get better as I do it more. I could have got closer.
The darn this has rusted out. The furnace at ground level was leaking a lot of water from the vent pipe. This was on a 3 story home. I couldn’t see the 3 floor roof from the ground and was no way to get up there .

I currently use the Mavic Pro. Previously I used the Phantom 4.

I actually preferred the P4. It’s much more stable, especially in high winds since it’s a much heavier drone.

The picture quality of both is very good.

Looking good.

Either one will do the job. You are taking photos of a roof after all.

Mavic2 pro

You caught it Brother with your drone…Good work! Yep!