Which Drone should I buy?

Good morning,
I have been on the fence on which DJI Drone to buyer, “Mavic 2 Zoom vs Mavic 2 Enterprise Duel “?
I thinking of purchasing a Flir E-53 to do my Inferred imaging, I don’t know if the DJI M2E would be necessary of not?
This is a exciting time for me and I tend to go too far, hate to buy unnecessary equipment.

Read this…

Please consider taking a Building Sciences or Level I class before purchasing any infrared imagers. You will learn so much that you’ll kick yourself in the arse if you don’t get educated first.


What do you plan to use that $5000. E53 on while doing a home inspection?

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$3,999.00 on the Inspector outlet store

I have the IR logo now, I’ve taken the course I need to be proficient in reading the IR images, I just need practice now.

The NACHI course is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is worth repeating.

I’ve taken Infrared “Thermography Inspection Training video course & Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging for Inspectors Course“. If there is another InterNachi course I should take for IR, I would like to know. I have up to this point taken and passed 24 InterNachi courses and I have obtained a FAA 107 Certification. I want to be ready to start my business in January 2020 “DAHL House Inspection”.

You got to understand there is tons of things you need to know about IR.
I for one am not in any way a expert. I just use it for general home inspections.
Go take the Flir classes many are free.

I’ve seen several new inspectors buy tons of fancy equipment and their business never gets very far off the ground. Then they fold.
I’d start working on my marketing …That is where the money will come from at first.

Good info, Thank you…

I’d start saving my seed money so when Jan. 2020 gets here you will be ready to hit the ground running.
I would be willing to bet that most of us started out with the basic tools needed.
(and in all reality that is all that is still needed)
I suggest you do the same. And then as the business starts making money and you have a fat bank account then buy all the toys.
The business should feed itself.

Start working on a website and choose the software you will be using. I suggest looking at Home Inspector Pro…They also have web hosting with plenty of nice templates designed exclusively for home inspectors.
Get use to your software and become proficient with it between now and your start date.
What way it will not be so perplexing.
In addition, get the URL you will be using make sure to get a .com.

Cool, I love this info! I do need Drone because I can’t do roofs, I’m 66 and this is what I want to do to keep myself busy during my retirement…

Same here.
I to am 66 be 67 January , but I still walk roofs.
Where are you located?

Minnesota , I’m not stable on tall ladders, a drone with a 4x zoom will get nice close up images without getting to close to the roof .

A lot of people are afraid of heights. The only way to get over it is the climb higher.
Just think if your drone dies on you. What are you going to do then.

In 66 years I’ve never been afraid of heights, biggest part of a home Inspection is the roof, this is a alternative or give up the idea of being a home inspector. I didn’t go this far to go this far :sunglasses:

Just make sure that it is Eagle resistant; :rofl:

Great photo, Marcel!