Which First

I had a client ask whether it’s better to get more insulation blown into his attic before he re-shingles or the other way around. I can’t see that it makes any difference. Anybody?

Unless he is going from shakes / shingles to a comp roof with plywood decking being added, it won’t matter. If changing from wood to comp, it might be easier to add baffles for the blown in before the new decking is applied.

Just shingles for shingles so I guess it doesn’t matter.

The more insulation the better.

Why ask this question? This is carnal knowledge.

You mis-read the question.

No I didn’t!
How much of a cats a s s difference does it make between the correlation between shingles and attic insulation…Huh?
Plenty !Two separate sides of the pendulum.

That was the question. Thanks for your opinion.