Which inspection Software to buy? Read this

Currently, there is no option for changing/formatting text. We haven’t really considered that, but I’ll will pass this to my engineer.

Awesome. That is the idea behind the creation of InspectorNexus - to be able to complete and email the report onsite from the app without the need for any parallel devices.

That is one of the reasons I’d be using it if I wasn’t retired. :smile:

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Brandon, keeping track of what the different inspection programs can and can’t do is a daunting undertaking. A few weeks ago I thought I’d try putting together an overview of the different inspection software features as a way of drawing inspectors to my website, but it became too demanding.

Aside from convenience features like narrative search capability, drop-down lists, the ability to inspect and email the report using mobile technology they go way past basic inspection and into various business related features,

There are some basic features shared by all of them. You might try putting together a list of the features most important to you and emailing them as a query to the various inspection software companies you find most interesting.

Kenton, do you have a template for Inspector Nexus?

Jessi contact Jeff Pope, who product it is and he will give you some to practice with and a few more, if you need them. Tell him I said to call him about it.


Not a great sign that this is what I get when I click the Support buttons on the Inspector Nexus site, I get this:

I’ll still check it out.

I was asking Kenton if his narrative library was available for Inspector Nexus though.

@jpope, you may want to look into this

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll pass this along, but everything seems to be working when I just checked it.

Be sure your browser is up to date and try it again.

Jeff, are there any tutorials or guides to Inspector Nexus any where? Can’t find any guides or videos anywhere. Thank you.

Also, do you have any information on incorporating the InterNACHI narrative library into Inspector Nexus?

We are still working on tutorials, but haven’t completed them at this point.

Kenton (iNACHI) was working with Alex (InspectorNexus) on this. I’m not sure what progress has been made, but it’s in the works.

Thank you. I’m looking for a template with more built in narratives than I found in the trial so far. Any guidance would be appreciated!

You would be best served if you throw away the built-in or canned narratives from any software vendor, and creating your own.

If you want one that is extensive, we can have Alex upload mine to you. The one included in the app was slimmed down so as not to be overwhelming for the new inspector.

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Not sure I would agree with that. We have provided a pretty basic template with narratives that can be used and/or easily and quickly edited. These are from my personal library and aren’t “inspector speak” or “further evaluation” for every condition.

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I would not agree with that either.

ReportHost’s templates were all created by an experience inspector and copy edited by a professional copy editor with consistency and risk mitigation involved.

There are a bunch of them. You start with the Standard template (not too overwhelming) and once you’re feeling comfortable with that you can use the Extended (many more narratives) or any of several specialty templates (Commercial, Multi-unit, etc.)

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Jeff, I would love that. Please let me know how to do that. Would give me a better evaluation of the software.

To each their own, but “speaking” or writing in your own voice is a critical skill.

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With that, I do agree.

Contact Alex at support. Tell him of our conversation and provide him the email address you used to creat your InspectorNexus account. He can upload my template to you at that account name.

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As someone who has dealt with contracts in business for a while, I will say that there is a serious advantage to starting with language that meets certain standards and then knowing how to customize it to be in your voice. As inspectors, we are liable to go to small claims court over the things we say.