Which inspection Software to buy? Read this

No, Alex and I have talked a couple of times but haven’t reached an agreement.

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Hello Sir,

I am new a new Home Inspector searching for software and really like the Inspector Nexus. I did see a comment about having Alex upload your extensive narrative to the software for someone else. Would you do that for me as well?

Thank you,
Chris Ouellet

Welcome to our forum, Chris!..Enjoy!

Hi Chris,

I’m happy to provide you with my library. Understand, however, (1) it is quite extensive and may be overwhelming for a new inspector. This might make for a poor experience with InspectorNexus simply due its size and content, and (2) it’s CA specific. Hundreds of my narratives will specifically reference CA codes and requirements, so if you’re in another state, you’ll need to change these comments when they appear.

Let Alex (support@inspectornexus.com) know your user name/email and he can upload it to your account.

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Awesome, thank you so much.

Ken, if you still sell Spectora templates with pre-written comments I would be interested in potentially buying one from you.

YOu can see mine on my website, Salvatore.

I would need a Spectora template. I’ll follow the instructions from the link above. Thank you for the speedy response!

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