Which is more important to address first, MOLD, Plumbing issues, are foundation structual issues

Hello to all I need some help?
I have a friend who is interested in a home that was inspected. When I read the report, Mold, plumbing and foundation was an issue. She hired someone to check the Mold. The plumbing wasn’t that big of an issue. The foundation to me was. Cracks to the foundation walls and floors all over the house.
Should she be concerned? I’m having the hardest time convincing her to hired a structural engineer.
Any suggestions

Foundation structural issues often lead to water intrusion and the development of mold. The foundation problems are the greatest concern. Keep in mind that both foundation cracks and faulty plumbing can lead to mold development. Foundation repairs and Mold remediation can be quite costly.


Thanks for the info and the quick response

What did the home inspector recommend in the report?

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he didn’t recommend anything just pictures showing the structural damage

@rcloyd Has it right. Mold is often a result of other component failures including foundation, plumbing, HVAC etc. A structural engineer may be needed, or she could start with a foundation contractor to help her better understand the severity of the problem and bring in an engineer to prescribe a cure as needed.

Sounds like you are on the right track with her. Hopefully she will listen.

I’m really trying but its hard. Thx a bunch guys

Let it go and keep a friend. You gave her the information. :slight_smile:

thx will do

It just could be too many issues to deal with no matter how much a person is determined to love the home.

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