Which one fills up first?


That’d be F from where I’m standing…



From here it is G

C to D is blocked off from flow…

I vote for K


I would say “G”.

When it gets 1/2 way up on J it flows into L then to F, because H flow is blocked…

F it is…:slight_smile:

C to D is blocked off from flow…:slight_smile:

Yep…It can only be “F”

G is blocked upline.

F is correct.

So did we win a box of books:mrgreen:

No! No winner here that is why I didn’t play.



It depends on where “FULL” is.

If it is to upper pipe (where tank tapers in), then 7…but, if to tank brim, then 11.

None of them… the supply faucet is missing the 1st tank. :lol:

I will defer my books to… :lol: