Which one of you guys walked this one?

Fess up! :mrgreen:

Must’ve been that 400 pounder Charlie was talking about. :smiley:

Did you call out the meteorite damage?

My guess would Be M Larson;-)

Holly molly!

It looks like someone had a dance party up there!

Probably just removed the termite tent.

That’s what it would look like if I walked it. That is why I use my drone on all tile roofs.

That was one of those drunken tequila fueled inspections I did in Mexico. I believe you were up there with me. Don’t you remember?

Why would you, and risk, and get accused of, further damage? Too much risk and liability with walking roofs. I have re-roofed hundreds of homes, and walking on roofs is just not needed. Over 5,000 inspections, never missed defects on one. No helicopters, no poles. That one, all you need to do is look at the edge, take a few pictures, and put the ladder back in the truck. No reason to go any further.

Gary, lighten up. This post is obviously just a humorous post.

I don’t believe it.
What it is…is you don’t know what you missed.

Alright Kenton you got me, I didn’t think anyone would notice!:mrgreen:
What did happen to that, hail? Vandalism?

It was probably the guys in the roofing truck that is parked in the street who did it…just trying to drum up some business.

As far as I know, the only thing that can do this to a roof-vandalism excepted- is hail with a lot of impact energy, meaning large diameter, hard hailstones striking at high velocity. This would usually be 2.5" +.

I am aw struck that a CMI would dare to make the above statement. With over 10,000 inspections behind me and I am not done either. I could easily testify in court against you that you did miss damage on a roof. Your just extremely lucky no client has called you on it yet.

Coffee your place or mine;-)

destroyed for easy removal.