Which outside ac unit went where?

Question !
I had to do 2 units of a quad-plex today and I had a hard time in figuring out which outside ac unit went where.
All four of the outside ac units were all together .
They all ran into one chase in the wall at the end of the building.
Without being labeled how would you know which one was the one I was looking for ? They all had independent disconnects …
Dang it !
I know about turning the thing off.
But some were running and the others not.
And yes! My units were on the second floor, So! Turn it off run down stairs around the complex just hoping when I got there 3 were running and one was off.
Didn’t I wish .
I tried the ol’ Sherlock Homes deduction but that didn’t help.
There was no one at home in the other 2 units …

Then comes along a dude in a golf cart with a big chunk chewing tobacco in his mouth and said !
What the hell are you doing ?
Now ! I’m sweating like a Hebrew slave and don’t really feel like talkin’.
But ! I said … I’m trying to figure out which of there gal darn compressors go to where .
He had the nerve to call me a dumb a s s ( at that moment I really thought about murder)but , I said alright Smarty where do they go ?
It was written on the back side of the disconnect lids.
Yep ! I’m a Dumb A S S !

If I didn’t have that guy how would it be done?

Motto of this story.
Ask the friggin’ maintenance man !

PS: I violated the cardinal rule .
I got in a hurry .
Yep ! I wanted to hurry back and see what foolishness they were accusing Nathan about .
Not !

Bump !

Couldn’t you just observe which ones were off and which ones were on, go in the house, turn yours on, and then go back down stairs and see which one was on that wasn’t on before?

Repeat for other unit?

I did that over and over some were on and some were off the three times I tried .
Before the maintenance man helped me.

Cute thanks fro the chuckle