which report system

which reporting system do most of you guys use? do you use the software versions or the actual forms?
There are so many out there that I am wondering which is going to be good for a guy starting out…

I would have put this in the gen discussion page but I cant seem to post a new thread there…???

anyway, thanks for any responses


If you check past posts and polls, it’s pretty evenly split between InspectVue and Homeguage. There are other good products out there but they are not as popular.

Check this section for the most recent discussions http://www.nachi.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=31

I see you are not a member yet so you might check this out for a great deal http://www.nachi.org/pvsfreemembership2006.htm

thanks neil, I will take a look at that link. I downlaoded a free sample of homegauge this afternoon too…

thanks again

Brady you might want to take a look at reporthost.com also ,works good for me

look under Software and Reporting Forms on the Nachi Mall page. There are links to 20 or more different systems there, most of them have trials.

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