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I am new to this board and to the HI field. I am considering hands on training classes but need some input from you Pros. This is a career change for me so my experience is limited. What are your feelings about either ITAs 6 day Fast start class or AHIT 7 day class? Any info would be helpful.

Thanks, Carl Shifflett ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

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I am partial to ITA. I would recommend the 90 hour course (10 days). It costs a bit more but it’s well worth it.

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I'm with Jeff on this. I found the ITA 11 day course well worth the money. Unless you have a very solid background you might find the 6 day course too compressed and "rapid fire". With either one, don't skimp on the pre-course reading material. The more you know going in the more you will get out of it.

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Hi Carl,

Welcome to the inspection profession!! Just wanted to post that I'm an AHIT grad.!! Great school.....read as much as you can get your hands on as far as building/home construction and mechanical systems.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me!!

Sue Cieslewicz

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It all depends on where you’re at and if you want to stay near home or if you are willing to travel. Also the instructors are important. I’ve seen several training schools where the instructors were nice folks but are teaching because they flopped as HI’s. In other training schools the instructors did HI’s for 2-3 years about 10 years ago - never did much then but then they started teaching and they’ve got popular with that.

My next door neighbor told me his nephew just took a training course and scored real high on the final exam. The school offered him a job teaching.
His past life experience was as a bread route salesman. Oh Boy!

Another thing to watch out for is schools with multiple locations. They've built their rep on "Old Bob". But then you take their class in another city and you get the "Bread Route Salesman" for your instructor. WHOPPY!

One of the highest priced courses in the country has the instructors with the least technical expertise, but they dance nice.

Some of these schools are "Diploma Mills" - their only income is from teaching, selling software or forms. They want large numbers and frquent classes - the more the merrier - they don't try and qualify anybody -
"Oh, you're a dishwasher at Whoopie Burger - sure come to our class - Home Inspection sounds like it would be right down your alley".

In some markets, they're choking the HI industry to death by just continuing to pump out newbies in already saturated markets. Look for training schools where the instructors have STRONG construction or engineering backgrounds and are SUCCESSFUl Home Inspectors. Look for schools that offer limited sessions per year (6-7 at most). Look for schools that limit the students to less than 8-10 per session (more student to instructor interaction).

Good Luck
Dan Bowers (Kansas City)

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ITA was the first HI school and in my opinion, the best all around. AHIT running a close second. I know some well qualified inspectors that have come from AHIT.

Disclaimer ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif) (FYI - I am somewhat partial to ITA because I am a personal friend of the President and Founder)

In any event, don't let "location" hinder the quality of your education. Drive or fly to the absolute BEST school and get a hotel if necessary. After all, you're investing in a career, not a hobby (I'm assuming).

As Dan said, steer clear of the "diploma mills." They may be helpful for some of your continuing education classes, but you need a solid foundation from a school specifically geared for home inspections.

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Jeffrey - ITA has gotten to be the best known because of their multiple locations, Codecheck, many instructors are ASHI Presidents, etc - BUT they’re not even close to being the 1st home inspector training school out there.

For example schools that immediately comes to mind that were out there teaching before most guys at ITA had even started doing HI's are:

1) HomePro in the DC area. (Mike Lennon at that time)
2) HomeTech in the DC area. (Walt Steppelhoff - spelling is wrong)
3) Inspection Experts in Jacksonville, FL (Wayne Elrod)
4) American Inspectors Institute in Dallas (Russ Burgess) - then changed
to the the Leonard Hawes Schools - and now as of January part of ITA
5) PITI - originally in the DC area (John Cox & Speed Williams - both
deceased now)
6) HouseMaster in New Jersey - (Ken Austin) - now called NIBI

No biggie, but for the record here are just a few of the ones I looked at back in 1980, when I first started thinking I ought to take a formal class somewhere because I'd been doing HI's for 4 years part-time and was going to start doing them full-time.

Dan Bowers, CRI