Which two means of advertising can you not do without?

Hi Guys:
I am looking for information on the two most effective means of advertising for my home inspection business. If you had to keep only two, which one could you not do without?

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Referral & Referrals… and web :slight_smile:


Referrals & Web

Refurrals and having a decent website are important, but if you are just starting out you need to get you’re info in front of as many folks that have a need for the services you provide as you possibly can. This can be acomplished in many ways, such as direct mailings, personaly visiting every Real Estate office in the area served to hopefully talk to someone, but droping off or stuffing mail boxes will also work if you can not get past the Gate keeper. If you choose to visit offices then make sure you go back about every month and a half or so, that way they will not forget you. Remember to give them something they can use like memo pads etc. along with the usual flyers ,brochures and biz cards.
Try to think of something that will set you apart from the competition, for me being able to take care of the WDIIR has been a great help.

Oops, that is more than two.

OK I am out of breath…:wink:

What does “F” stand for?

Anyway, I first depend on referrals and that takes communication and followup by phone, email, shaking hands, doing lunch, etc. I do that whether it’s with my Client(s) or my group of R/E Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Ins. Agents, etc. Also, I always return calls. If you don’t, that will kill your business.
Secondly, wherever I go, I’m in my company vehicle that is almost always clean and nicely lettered if I do say so myself. I have an assortment of pens, pads, key rings, etc. that I leave everywhere I go. I’m talking Micky D’s, Dr’s. Ofc. Gas Station, Library, Schools, HD & Lowes, Groc. Stores, etc. etc.
I’m talking anywhere, and when talking to anyone. This second type of marketing is not always immediate, but you’d be surprised how quickly it can payoff.

I’ve always been advised that marketing is honesty, consistancy and repition.

Good Luck