Which USPs for Inspectors work

OK, I’m asking. :smiley:

What are Nick’s top ten USPs for inspectors?

What’s a USP?

Unique selling proposition
or unique selling point


It’s a unique selling proposition.

For example inspecting lawn irrigation systems is unique to only a few, if any inspectors, in your area.

It sets those inspectors apart.

Nachi buy back program?

I’ll tell you what #1 is: It’s your own certifications and qualifications.

Go here: www.nachi.org/logos.htm
Scroll down.
Gather all the logos and certifications you are entitled to.
Make one dedicated page on your website that includes the all (make a wall of them).
Link to it from everywhere on your website using links titled:

  • Why Hire ABC Inspections
  • My Qualifications
  • Buying a Home in Xyzville? Click here.
  • Why I charge $100 more than my competitors and why you should pay me that extra $100.


Also, add your InterNACHI online transcript to that page.

Marketing is no place to be humble.

What are consumers buying anyway? Inspection reports? Nope. They are hiring YOU. Your #1 USP is YOU!

And that is why Certified Master Inspector works so well as a USP. It says something to consumers about YOU that they can understand instantly (without having to do additional research). It’s that wall I described in my previous post, compacted and distilled into three little words that scream “I’m the best!”

OK, that’s #1.

What’s 2 thru 10?

Guaranteed radon results from Radalink is another good one.

The “S” in USP stands for selling. You have to sell the consumer… not me or your fellow inspectors.

The consumer already thinks his/her radon results are guaranteed, that’s what he/she is paying you for… the radon results. And who is radalink? What consumer ever heard of them? Is radalink a good thing?

Your USP has to be evident, even to the most ignorant consumer.

The way to turn your “radon results from radalink” into a USP that is understandable to consumers is to rephrase it completely. Try this:

Virginia’s Fastest Radon Inspection Service.
We use two independent tests on every inspection to assure the highest accuracy.

That’s a USP an ignorant consumer who knows nothing about radon can understand.

Lol ok. Sell them your logos.

They work. Read post 6 of this thread.


CMI works for me very well. It allows me get more money for insurance inspections that follow a standardized form that a Monkey should be able to do. I often can get paid more than my competitors because when they ask why I am higher I tell them because I am a Certified Master inspector

Exactly. There’s nothing unique with 12,000 inspectors flashing all of their Nachi logos.

Correct. I place the InterNACH logo in what I call the “USP light” category along with RecallChek (no one chooses you because you’ll check their dishwasher for recalls) and your state license number (no one chooses you because you brag that you are operating legally).

There is the USP light category, the USP medium category, the* USP strong* category and the USP WOW category.

In the USP medium category you have things like payment by credit card option or Saturday inspections.

Most people don’t need to pay by credit card or need to schedule on Saturday, but if they absolutely do need those, they are USPs to them. They are USPs that have to hit a particular nerve that not everyone has.

Veteran-owned business is also in the USP medium category. Few consumers will choose you because you are a veteran… However to some, it will hit the right nerve. It is a huge USP to certain potential consumers and why we have a free Veteran Owned icon in www.nachi.org/logos.htm for members to use.

The thing about USP’s is you need different ones for everyone.

There have been people who have literally told me they don’t give a crap about the warranty. Literally. One was extremely blunt.

There have been people who hired me specifically because of the 90 day warranty.

Some people have hired specifically because I was the only one who would inspect their lawn irrigation system.

Some people hire me because I am a veteran.

Some people ask me if I have moisture meter and when I say yes, they book on the spot.

There is an agent who as soon as I get to the house, she tells the clients about sewergard.

There are a few agents who love talking about recallchek when I am inspecting the kitchen.

Some people are floored about a free termite inspection.

Some people read my blog and are very impressed.

I could keep going.

No one USP is going to make you successful. You need a lot, and a couple of BIG ONES.

I have never been hired because of a logo though. Not once.

On a side note (while I’m thinking about it)… you want the USPs on your website’s homepage to be ordered with the USP WOWs at the top, followed by the* USP strongs* right underneath them, the USP mediums underneath those, and the USP littles at the bottom of your homepage.

No logo is a USP itself (just because it is a logo). Logos are efficient ways (delivery systems) to alert your potential customer to a USP. It’s the message the logo conveys that is the USP.