Yes, in fact we did start on a PocketPC version a while back as a companion product (only as a data collection device to sync with WhisperReporter), but we kept getting discouraged by the input we would receive that it was too small a form factor. And now with the introduction of UMPC’s (Ultra Mobile PC), we might see how that plays out before continuing further.

We’ve bought a Fujitsu P1510D, which is a convertable tablet just a bit larger than a UMPC, but has a keyboard. It was well received at our last local show in Texas. My only disappointment was the lack of an indoor/outdoor screen, readable in the shade, but not in direct sunlight.


Scottsdale AZ…:smiley:

Whoa… based on your mailing address, you are only a few blocks from my house in MMR! (our main office is in San Antonio, but most of our development is out of Scottsdale).

Think of the support you could have! :smiley:


Well at least your not one of those uppity Scottsdale snobs…:smiley:

Just wanted to extend a big Thank You to the NACHI inspectors! We recently released WhisperReporter and have so far given away 11 free licenses to our beta testers for the generous use of their time (not to worry if you didn’t receive a free license… there are still a few recent beta testers still under consideration for either a discount or free license).

Again, the input we received from all the NACHI inspectors was great and you all provided excellent feedback!!

So now we have to find out how to advertise with NACHI if possible… we like their style!


Sniffle…I want one…:frowning:

Eric…you don’t advertise here…you market yourself (that’s just an inside joke but it will keep folks watching this thread :))

Hi Wendy… even though the beta is over, we are always looking for help in providing new layouts/forms/RapidRemarks that can be made available to everyone, especially state specific forms. If you have any and would be willing to help us get it right, maybe we can work something out!

Same offer applies to all the inspectors of course!


Im in, but I agree…as professionals that have businesses to run our time is extremely valuable…do we get a “free version” after the Beta?

Yes, that is definitely possible. We’ve been bouncing around different ideas about that. It would only be fair that even after the beta the time you provide in helping us deserves something in return, like a free license.

Even though we’re out of the beta, we still need to provide improvements to WhisperReporter to make it one of the best programs out there (there are so many features that it might be a bit overwhelming at first, so we need more “wizards” for example).

Anyway, we’re more than happy to dangle the proverbial carrot out there to anyone who would like to be be able to say that they were a part of the success of WhisperReporter. All of you are probably the best investment we have available to us… it won’t go unrewarded… we promise!


Hi Eric :slight_smile:

Could you email me with the details please? inspector_wendy@yahoo.com