white bugs in toilet tank

does anyone know what those tiny white bugs are in my toilet tank.

Without further details it is extremely difficult to determine identification.

Common nuisance pests inside the home include book lice (which are not true lice)
and are often tiny almost microscopic and white or translucent in color and attracted to moist/humid environments.

CAUTION!!! This post in no way indicates positive identification.

Taking samples of specimens to your local cooperative extension office or university entomology department may help with proper identification and remedy and is strongly encouraged.

I had a friend crying about little white bugs in his toilet tank and they were found to be springtails. As William posted before, to many possibilities with not enough info. Could be spider mites and so on and so on. If they are ONLY in the tank, look up springtails and see if they resemble each other.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I did look up springtails and it doesn’t appear the same as what I have, which are white and maybe 1/16 inch. I was hoping to identify it before I bleached out the tank again, but my cooperative extension does not do testing for water. anyway, I am hoping someone out there has had the same problem and can help.
thanks everyone.

Maybe its time to clean your toilet perhaps?

Testing the water won’t determine what insects you have and is not what I had recommended you do… you would need to take a sample of THE INSECT SPECIMENS to them… collect several specimens in a vial and take them to the cooperative extension office. If they (the employees there) are worth anything, they can help you with identification.