White space

Hello everyone, I have a question. When I generate the report it adds tons of useless white space adding more pages then necessary plus it looks bad. Is there some way to make it print with even flow? I have to use the Texas REI_7-5

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Lane Lancaster

You need to tweak your print options.

Takes time and adjustments. I posted a video of a printed report I did. HG makes great pdf reports. The doubters don’t know how to do it that’s all.

Do you have a link to your video. I’ve never been able to make a “great” pdf report with HG.

Just tagged you in the HG group.

Unfortunately, that’s an understatement.

It takes an enormous amount of time and fiddling to get decent output using that method. Once done. it’s mostly fine, yet still sometimes adds unnecessary gaps or chunks of “nothing”.
But they need to streamline the process or at least make it more intuitive.


Thanks for the replies, a video on how to make the adjustments would be wonderful.