White tape!?!?!

Looks like Paul is taping everything white again! :mrgreen:
Have a good Memorial Day Weekend all you electrical “Guru’s” (Paul, Marc, speedy, etc.) Thanks for all the help so far!


P.S. Check out the other pics on this site,… crazy stuff!



I bet the installer made a mistake in marking; the POCO lineman found the mistake (luckily); no one ever removed the tape; we all laugh/gawk at the pic on the internet. :mrgreen:

I have been a member at that site for quite a while now but do not visit much. My list of regular sites gets longer by the week and it is getting hectic keeping up. :neutral:

lol…well I will have a GREAT weekend if someone from my recent seminar tells us all what system this is…( yeah I know…but would love someone from my seminar to say what it is…)

lol…yeah someone went white tape happy…but they are neat white tape violators…:slight_smile:

You have a GREAT weekend also my friend…same to all members and fellow Guru’s…:slight_smile:

I think he ran out of red tape.:smiley: