Who Are these folks and who here has signed up?


They don’t actually offer any kinda thermal imaging services themselves but want thermographers to pay them money to be listed as part of their organization.

Basically, it doesn’t matter what your background or experience, as long as you have some money to give them than you can be apart of their network and gain the spot to their website listing for your territory.

I filled in an inspection request for my area about 3-4 times but never received a response because they don’t actually have a paying member for my area yet. I’ve even offered to take referrals and send them referral fees but that doesn’t seem to interest them as they want someone to buy the rights to the location.

What doesn’t make sense to me is if they were actually getting requests than it seems like to me they would be happy to get what they could until someone bought the location. If I actually started getting referrals from them than I’d be glad to buy the rights to my area but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I’ve actually inquired about the costs for my area because they do have a decent website presence but can’t get a price for my area without calling and talking with them.

Anybody know who these folks are, what the prices are for an area, and what kind of business if any business has resulted from signing up?

Just another “Find a ______________” website. Looks like he has a bunch of domains. There’s a lot out there. Pay me money, and I’ll give you exclusive rights to a territory and send work your way. You may even have to pay a percentage of your job profits. I think United Infrared has a program that you pay for training modules and territories also. Do your research before you give anyone your money. Do a web search, if they don’t show up on page 1 for major keywords they aren’t worth the pot to piss in.

Here is another just send money .


Stay tuned more should be arriving soon

Administrative Contact:
Popehn, Ryan info(@)apothecarysteam.com
6618 Park Ave S
Richfield, Minnesota 55423
United States

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Carpet Cleaners


The Popehn’s, Ryan and his wife Jess, own Steam Geeks, a highly educated Green Steam Cleaning company located just south of Minneapolis in Richfield. Ryan has 14 years of experience and The Popehn’s share a passion for improving their Client’s home health and cleanliness of life through cleaner carpets, upholstery, rugs, mattresses, stuffed animals and more. “People are surprised everyday at the problems we can solve for them” says Ryan. Simply having your carpets and upholstery properly Green cleaned on a regular basis has a dramatic effect on the air quality in your home.
See Google result…

Looks like he is buying infrared domains for each state, in between cleaning carpets.

A fool and his money are soon separated

Thanks for the info John!

These carpet cleaners have the website domain of InfraredInspection(Utah).com and mine is UtahInfraredInspection.com.

It appears they’ve bought the same website address for nearly every State so they stay towards the top in a lot of State Google searches pertaining to Infrared.

Kinda interesting that one of my biggest Google competitors doesn’t even provide the services they advertise.

I don’t like the situation but I gotta give them credit for being pretty smart in the marketing department.