who are these people ?

I recieved an e-mail from the " housing inspection foundation" wanting me to order their book “21 things every home inspector should know”.
Can anyone let me know who or what this is ? THEY WANT ME TO JOIN.
This is the 3rd. e-mail I have received from them. Anyone else get any ?


I don’t know who they are,but I received 3 e-mails from them!!


Yes I am getting emails to and book offers. So now I find out its NACHI!
**I am not impressed!
BTW, those titles are actionable in Ontario, and in BC.

Ray - Definitely, and OAHI has put this organization on notice in the past. Seems likely they would be offered another friendly reminder to cease and desist!

Raymond, why do you thing HIF is NACHI? Did the email say they were? If so, post it here so I can see what you are talking about. Or did you mean you think the emails are coming from NACHI? Neither is true. What is it exactly that they are doing improper? I haven’t got their email so I can’t see it. What has OAHI put them on notice about?

Anyway, I own the book. The authors of “21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know” take a well-deserved shot a scumbag NAHI, the organization that permits their members to work to correct defects they find on their own inspections, something both ASHI & NACHI prohibit and something that I assume Canadian Associations prohibit too as any 5 year old can see this is unethical.

The following from page 144 of the book:

*"Both ASHI and NACHI codes require that their members wait at least one year following an inspection to make repair services available to the client. The feeling is that after a year has lapsed, the buyer has had plenty of time to decide what to do about an issue-the back porch, for instance-and to contact another companny if he or she had wanted to do something quickly. *
NAHI takes a less prohibitive stance. Its code suggests that the inspector may sell additional products and services, if needed, to the client at the time of the inspection…(In some states, inspectors are prohibited from doing any additionsl fee-based work for a client. Be sure to check your state laws.)"

“Check your state laws” ??? Isn’t that what scumbag NAHI is supposed to be doing? The book should have just said that if you see a scumbag NAHI logo…run. NAHI inspectors are probably doing something illegal. Run to an ASHI or NACHI inspector.

Because the link above states that they are linked up with Nachi. It’s probably just a vendor discount, but getting spammed this way and having them ask for credit card numbers in email without it being secure is suspect,.,

Hi Nick

I have deleted the emails, but my comments were based on what others have said or questioned in regards to HIF. Also someone provided a link http://www.nachi.org/hif.htm

This is the same company sending the spam. Why would NACHI even associate with them? NACHI has its own credentials to ply, NACHI should not be promoting other associations, just as these other’s don’t promote NACHI.

At the above link it states…*Become a Registered Home Inspector with the Housing Inspection Foundation… or CHI OR CHC. *As we know RHI in Ontario is a legislated protected designation, and we know that CHI is registered with ATTSBC, on those facts I based my comments. To my knowledge ATTSBC nor OAHI has contacted any of the parties concerning misuse. However given that OAHI-CAHPI is eating NACHI members for misuse of CHI or for belonging to NACHI it would be expected that OAHI would be issuing the same demands on HFI. But given OAHI’s propensity to go off half cocked it seems that OAHI-CAHPI much like with the way OAHI is treating NACHI members it would stand to reason these people with feel the rath of ATTSBC and OAHI. Thus my comments.

As to COE yes OAHI-CAHPI do have clear rules in regard to inspectors repairing items subsequent to inspection.


Why Join HIF?

The real estate industry has a growing need for Registered Home Inspectors. Many people are being asked to perform Home Inspections without proper training, certification, or guidelines. Even many Real Estate professionals are not aware of all that makes up a quality Home Inspection.

Home buyers, sellers, lenders, employee relocation companies and governmental agencies, etc., are seeking full and total service from a Home Inspector. Buyers use Home Inspectors to know the condition of the home. Sellers use Home Inspectors to avoid liability and lenders require a Home Inspection before approving a loan.

                   Available Designations 
                   **RHI - Registered Home Inspector** 

One of the primary objectives of the Housing Inspection Foundation is to provide a network through which its members may establish reliable contacts throughout the country. As a Registered Home Inspector your contact information will go into our national database system helping to network and also allowing potential clients access to your information.

                   **CHC - Certified Housing Consultant** 

Allows the Home Inspector the opportunity to advise clients on all matters pertaining to home inspections.

                   **CHI - Certified Home Inspector** 

The Housing Inspection Foundation offers the Certified Home Inspector designation for all Home Inspectors who wish to become certified. Many states, cities, counties, government ordinances as well as many lending institutions require that a home inspector be certified. Additionally, as more and more states enact home inspection regulations, certification for the home inspector plays a critical part toward meeting both current and future state requirements.

It is important, therefore, that every inspector be certified. Being certified is the best way to gain the confidence, experience and qualifications that are demanded of today’s home inspector. The Housing Inspection Foundation’s Certified Home Inspector exam is only $65.00. Call the Housing Inspection Foundation today, at 320-763-6350, for more information about becoming a Certified Home Inspector.


Much of it has to do with NACHI being a free speech site. Our obligation to alert our members to all discounts being offered them overrides anything else we do. We let our members read the offer, read the posts, and make decisions for themselves.

If scumbag NAHI or the K.K.K. wanted to offer NACHI members something, we’d likely present the offer for them.

Nick come on! Its simple marketing, it has nothing to do with free speech.
I wasn’t borne yesterday! This just weakens everything Nachi is supposed to be or purported to be. You also are well aware that this offer is is contravening Registration marks in Canada. Just as you didn’t want to back up Canadians who used CHI, now you are plying CHI and RHI. Yep okay Nick its all about free speech. I think you need to reassess your goals and objectives. Its about money is what its about. :frowning:

I don’t understand. If it about money how does this affect NACHI and what it is? In my view NACHI is about offering the industry something of an alternative to the very thing that you rant about almost every day. Here you are able to voice your displeasure at what ever goes on in both our association and in OAHI and people read and respond. You yourself have said that the average member in OAHI does not have a say in much of what goes on and when you do speak up you are censored and told to cease. You are constantly berating OAHI on this message board and to date all have seen and taken out of the posts what they deem to be useful. I don’t for a minute think that all who read your posts are swayed one way or another as to their decisions regarding the business of belonging to one or the other associations. Your posts of late have been increasingly anti NACHI and continue to be anti OAHI. This is your right in a free speech society and no one person can tell you what is right for you. As much as you have theright to post your point of view you have to recognize the right of all others to post what they think is helpful. That, in my view is all that this issue is about. You seem to be offended that the head office people post something contrary to what you deem to be right and can see no value for anyone else. If you cannot use the info, so be it. Others may find the membership in an additional association useful. I for one would certainly use the term RHI if I didn’t live in Ontario as others in CAHPI use it outside this province, with the tacit approval of CAHPI, I might add. The whole issue of who can use what name or which letters behind their name is a bagatelle and I think come National Certification the RHI’s in this province are going to be screaming bloody blue murder when they realize that they are now on a level playing field with everyone else that holds the same designation. I totally agree with you that we are headed for Licensing and, good or bad, we will have to deal with that mess when it comes down the pike.



Why would anyone need HIF which is apparently NACHI when you already have CMI through NACHI? It seems its just a marketing ploy and nothing more considering what we know about CHI and ASTTBC. So now one is suppose to run out and pay so one can use RHI, CHC, CHI? Were have we just come from? We all know what is what in Canada and Ontario, we have discussed this to death. Nick didn’t want to do anything with CHI instead he told us to use CMI, now we read CHI is back on. Sorry you don’t see what it is about. This only weakens the position NACHI wishes to portray. It is not any different then CAHPI opening a sister organization and offering another title because it can’t generate enough money selling National Certification.

Yes licencing is the best solution, no one to blame but the Associations.

Sorry you don’t see it my way, but then again your entitled to your position.

And I have not denied anyone any rights of freedom to post or discuss because I am not in a position to do so.

I have also been told privately by other members that are concerned what NACHI is doing in regards to HIF, so don’t be so sure everyone is on your wavelength.

Yes licencing is coming and not through any actions I have done but what I have been able to impart through the use of this board to the down trodden masses.


Nick is just passing on information. What you do with that info is entirely up to you. I don’t see that HIF is NACHI. Where did you gleen that bit of info? If somebody in the US wants to use CHI or RHI or I Don’t Give a Damn no association up here is able to stop them.


Look at the links, and what others have said.
I too do not have a problem with the use of those titles. I was trying to impart that we have already established that at least two of those titles are legally questionable. If HIF wants to push its wares in Canada as it seems to have done, more power to them.

RHI is nothing more that a marketing ploy, not a very good one I will admit, and most likely not intended to be at the start but that is the way it has turned out. RHI means nothing to the public as most people do not know what the term means and further more could care less. Most people don’t know the acronyms NACHI, OAHI or CAHPI. That is what we have to change and only through promoting our association will it change. If we at NACHI do a better job of it than OAHI we will be in a much stronger position. That is the focus of my involvment in the association. The benefits far outweigh the costs and giving back a little is my way of participating in the process.


Agreed! I salute your participation and stedfastness.

I think I might be confused. There seems to be 2 offers from HIF. One offering a book “21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know” which reads like a NACHI ad.

The other is an offer to NACHI members to join HIF at a discounted price.

With regards to the book (the first offer), NACHI has nothing to do with it. We are not behind this emailed offer. It did not come from us… although I’m pleased about it as the book puts NACHI in its deserved good light.

With regards to the discounted membership in HIF (the second offer), NACHI felt obligated to alert our members to it. Many might find it of value. I believe the page http://www.nachi.org/hif.htm has been there for some time. If you look at its placement on http://www.nachi.org/whatsnew3.htm (the oldest of our archived news pages) and type Control F, then Housing Inspect…, you will find that the HIF offer was made around January of 2005. Nothing new.

As for Canadian associations having some sort of lock on CHI or Registered Home Inspector… forget about it. Not true, not true even in Canada. But who cares anyway… CMI is much better.

CAHI, the original applicant of the mark “Registered Home Inspectors (RHI)” had to include disclaimer text in their application: *The right to the exclusive use of REGISTERED HOME INSPECTORS is disclaimed apart from the trade-mark. *Which means that only the exact phrase “Registered Home Inspectors (RHI)” is protected. “Registered Home Inspectors” is not protected. There is logic behind CIPO’s required disclaimer, that being that there are probably other associations who wish to register their inspectors and therefore want to call their members “Registered Home Inspectors.” Therefore CIPO, with the disclaimer, kept the applicant from monopolizing the common phrase.

See http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/app/cipo/trademarks/search/viewTrademark.do;jsessionid=0000CHXS7Tc0dWxHz0Hih4rlfor:vjite1ad?language=eng&fileNumber=0821239&extension=0&startingDocumentIndexOnPage=1

Nick, BTW, what about Certificates for CMI designation? They should have been mailed out long time ago, but I still did not see it