Who can figure this one out? Cement fiber board trim widths.

Recently I had ordered some 5/4 and 4/4 HardiTrim cement fiber board trim. It arrived and my crew painted it (I typically paint it first, install it, then paint it again). Anyway, my trim carpenter was getting frustrated because there were three (not just two) thicknesses of trim in the pile (see PIC), each an 1/8 inch apart in thickness.

It took me all morning to figure out what was going on. Anyone want to guess how this error occurred?

A one ounce bar of pure silver to the first person who comes close to figuring it out.



siding type: shingles, horizontal lap and vertical.


I’ll give you a hint: It has to do with the fact that cement fiber board shouldn’t sit outside in the elements indefinitely without being painted or covered.

swelling from moisture absorption


I’ll give you another hint: The lumber yard, knowing about what I explained in post #6, religiously rotates their stock of cement fiber board trim, which is kept outside.

Is it compaction from the weight. One pallet loaded on top of another?

UV rays?

Nope Peter, but dang, that was an awesome guess. Not right, but a great guess.

Nope, not UV Rays.

The prize is now up to two bars of pure silver.

Another hint: The problem is with the lumber yard, and until I met with them this morning to explain the situation, they had no idea they were doing something to cause this problem for their customers.

Could the yard have shipped the wrong product in error.

Maybe mixed an XLD instead of a HLD or MD.

Just guessing.

You can keep the silver, just curious for the answer.

Was the thickness from 3/4-1 1/4?

Store flat and keep dry and covered prior to installation.

Installing siding wet or saturated may result in shrinkage at butt joints.

Nope, everything they delivered was nice and dry.

Another hint: The trim boards neither expanded nor shrunk.

It’s not moisture and not compaction.

Does it have to do with what their covering it with?

Plastic or a tarp that is generating heat and expanding it?

Nevermind, just saw your reply