Who can help my folks out in Leesburg?

Hi Guys,
My parents just put an offer on a home at a gated community (Hawthorne). My father told me that it was built in the 70’s and will need a new heatpump soon and they just put on another roof in 2012. The community has their own Realtor and inspector from the sounds of it. The Realtor told my father it would be $300 dollars for a WDO, 4-point and general home inspection. I don’t know who “they” use. My folks will be coming back to Maine in the next few days and will not be able to be present for the inspection and I want somebody they can trust. My father was a carpenter his whole life, but he has been really looking forward to getting a place down there and I think he may have rose color glasses on with the whole deal. He is a Christian man and is very trusting and I do not want him to be burned. I just wanted to give my father a few names from NACHI as an option. So if anybody is in that area, please give me your info so I can pass it along.

Thank you very much.

Check with Bruce Graham


Here are a few more to check with:


Dominic E. DAgostino | 31.5 miles away
Home Pride Inspection Services, Inc.
Longwood, FL | (407) 260-1533 | Email | Website
View Certificate | Download “Safe Home” Book

Greg H. Bell | 35.5 miles away
Bell Inspection Service
Orlando, FL | (321) 626-8840 | Email | Website
View Certificate | Download “Safe Home” Book

Robert Sole | 38.6 miles away
REM Inspections, LLC
Winter springs, FL | (407) 637-7288 | Email | Website
View Certificate | Download “Safe Home” Book

Aubrey Kahn | 47.3 miles away
Firm Foundation Home Inspections, Inc.
Kissimmee, FL | (321) 624-0254 | Email | Website
View Certificate | Download “Safe Home” Book

Thanks guys.

It was too far for him to drive. Thanks anyway.

Sounds like they use a real pro :roll: I would NEVER use who the realtor recommended.

Exactly. I told him that is the first red flag, second to me was everything for $300. Seems like peanuts. I told my father that he was being one of the “typical home buyers” that goes with what ever the agent says. I said, “Remember Dad, how I said I will not market directly to Real Estate Agents” Like I said, my father is over trusting. :roll:

Then do a little research and personally call some of our nachi guys listed in his area and find one who you like. That would be my method. Few members ever really come to the forums. Especially hard working ones :slight_smile: