Who cares?

Check this out

I mean really , you folks are making a mountain out of a pimple.:roll::roll::roll:

Wendy or whomever can say what they want and it should be OK as long as it does not cross the COE lines.

I am well aware that her posts may have done just that,
but so have many many post by others to include the untouchable ESOP committy (sp), so I is wondering why you are singling Wendy out?

I tell you what folks and this is the absolute truth. There are people on this board that think and say what they
want with absolutly no repercusions and then there are those that seem to be on the hit list that get body slamed for there oppinions. This is not what the NACHI MB was about in the early days when it was a good place to be to learn and exchange ideas and oppinions.

I trully dislike the NEW NACHI!:twisted:

Wendy , you should never be afraid to say what you really feel and no one should have the power to stop you from doing so.

I miss the old NACHI.:frowning:

Bring on the reds…:mrgreen:

Todd, you make some valid points, but Wendy did cross the line.

That said, what will bring about the change to make NACHI better than what you refer to as the old NACHI.

How about an attitude change from you and Dan, it has to start somewhere, why not with you.

Both you guys have influence here, start using it to improve things!!!

What do you suggest I do?

I’m not sure, for that answer is truly up to you and Dan as well I hope.

Come back to NACHI and help to be part of the future and not the past.

Leave the bitterness in the past and use your talent to reform NACHIs future

I wish it were possible…

I tell you what. Go to the archives and start from the VERY beginning and pay close attention to what has happened over the years. I will say that Nick kicked *** and NACHI grew, but it was at the expence of the original meaning and point ( as I knew it) Nachi is no longer a place to learn it has become a venders paradise with not to much in the way of old timers helping everyone out. It is almost like a daily soap opera and you know all the players… I am sad.

Dan has nothing to do with this! He is ASHI all the way and that is that.

I miss the old NACHI to.:nachi:

Peter, Considering who Todd is and how outspoken he is, I’m not so sure he’d agree with you that I crossed any lines at all.

Hey Todd, no matter what happened in the past you can still be part of the future, I have been a member since 2004 an have found this org. a huge resource, sure it has it’s problems but instead of being part of the problem/ past, why not be part of the future.

It seems to me that you like NACHI and most of what it has to offer, so what there are some people here that aren’t professional, they will be present no matter where you go, at least here you have made friends and can be part of the new NACHI.

That would be me.:wink:

Am I part of the problem? really?

I always speak my mind and in some cases it was fuled so to speak, but I say what I think and it has always pissed off the powers that be, and thats OK or at leaste it used to be. Nowdays if you type what you think the farking MB police are on you like stink on James and you might just get singled out for removal. The good old days are over and the new caste have taken over the MB.

May the original purpose of NACHI rest in peace.:frowning:


This is exactly what I’m talking about!!!

Why don’t you declare that you have changed your attitude and really do it.

Then start posting in a positive manner.

My post was positive my friend.:wink:

I will never bow down to the likes of JB and his very few minnions as they are laying waste to this ORG. in so many ways it is ridiculous.

Actually my time is almost up and it will make no difference what I post(as if it ever did). However I wish you all the best and I hope you prosper.

Todd, I think you know what I mean, Time for you to step up to the plate, change your ways or accept the bed you have made for yourself.

Why should he have to change anything Peter? What did he do so wrong? Really? Can you name it? OR just what you were told?

Todd, there are many ways of dealing with people, unfortunately you have chosen the one that works against you instead of for you.

Wendy, read the whole thread and then respond, Thanks

I sleep very well my friend.

I have posted some things I regret, but for the most part I am good with it.

I stepped up to the plate for NACHI here in AZ for a long time and finaly realized that the consumer and or Realtor did not really give a rats *** who I belonged to as long as I do it right. I can say that for the last 2 years my prices have been one step below the top and far higher than the average and I have done well. NACHI helped me in 2003, but now it is a waste of $ as I can get all the tech help I need by doing a simple google search or asking a ? on one of the many MB’s, HVAC, sparky,plumbing ect. there are expert boards for everything you will ever run across.

Be well and prosper.:smiley:

Todd, sounds like an exit speech to me, and if that’s the way you feel then you should leave and utilise your other contacts because it’s obvious you do not need NACHI, so , why hang on???

The only answer to that is amusement on your behalf!