Who do you market to for Commercial Inspections?

Commericial realtors? I assume… who else market too???

I have a friend that is a commercial realtor, however he handles leasing… it is such an “inside” business, its tough for him to get transactions.

What do you guys do to get commercial business?

Let me know


I don’t market to anyone now, besides the few people who find my websites it’s all referrals now and past repeat customers, with a handful of agents who refer me, but not many.

When I started doing commercial inspections I marketed heavily to Marcus & Millichap

Seems like that was all it took, I have been referred from one agent to another across the USA, now they have their clients call me once in a while, but most of the business is based on referrals from one customer to another and old clients buying more property.

I highly recommend contacting an office near you, give them a few sample reports in very professional looking binders with business cards and it might happen for you also.

Marcus & Millichap agents are very professional, I have never met an idiot who works for them yet.

Great info. thanks!