Who do you use for Credit Crad charges

Have you ever heard of EPS Merchant Services? They seem to have a too good to be true deal… They contacted me so I’m kind of nervous as I’ve not heard of them… Basically $60 a month to rent thier equipment but only .5% charge on all swipes… Any advice would be great.

I have looked into alot of companies and what you are quoting is unheard of. Hoping other chime in.

Generic statement: Stay the hell away from anyone that “cold calls” you to buy their services! The ‘big boys’ don’t do it for a reason… they don’t need to!

Use somebody reputable (your reputation is on the line with your clients) and add the extra few pennies it will cost you to your fee.

Peace of mind is worth every dollar!!!

1/2 of 1%? That’s low, but $60 a month will add up unless you’re taking a ton of CC’s.

I use Square.

You can pay less than half that using the various services that work with smartphones such as SquareUp and PayPal.

I asked for the first two months ($60) to be waived while I get established and this was the reply… Now that is a good deal BUT I agree it sounds to good… I got a business line added to my home and it rings 3-4 times a day selling stuff.


I just spoke with my boss and I can send you a check for the first 2 months. Please call me to set up your account.

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Ben using PayPal for years .
Never had an issue.


Been using Square for about two years, so far I like the service. I have been looking into authorize.net so I can take credit card through the ISN. Is anyone else using this service?

I’ve been using Square for a while now at 2.75 per transaction which adds up as I take quite a few CC payments. The $60 per month and .5 sounds like a good deal if it’s true. Does EPS Merchant Services have a website or a way to check them out?

I use PayPal and Square, not real happy about the costs but I haven’t found anything cheaper. Has anyone tried Costco’s Elavon? Thinking about trying them.

Paypal has worked great for me

Did you ask what the contract length and early termination charges are?

*Below is the contact information and better business link. I ask about contract length and was told there wasn’t one. Like I said it all sounds to good to be true. I figure at $325 an inspection is would take 9 CC transactions to be a better deal than other 2.75 options like the cube. I’m just starting out and trying to keep my cost low.
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Here is some information about accepting credit cards, and my contact information should you have any questions.

EPS specializes in credit card processing for your new or existing business. We offer a complete one step process for accepting card payments. We offer payment gateway solutions for all types of businesses, including retail store front, mail-order, phone-order, trade shows, professionals, service industry, home-based and internet. We’re your #1 Merchant Account source for Credit Card Machine purchases as well.

We offer the lowest rates in the industry at0.5%.
To get more information about our services or products, please contact me on my cell

Here is our Better Business Profile

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This link isn’t very favorable and answers my question. Sounds like you can cancell with the bank but not the equipment

Paypal works great available every where and most people have heard of it.

And they offer a FREE card reader.

Square Up - 2.75% per transaction.

I take checks and cash. I dont advertise it, but i do have a paypal account if the client needs to use it. One time last year i used pay pal.

I use Square. I believe it is much easier than paypal.