Who do you use?

I have been using Intuit for my credit card processing and their monthly fees have gotten in my opinion ridiculous. I did about a thousand dollars in charges last month and in addition to the 2.7 percent per transaction they charged an additional 28.80 in fees. Who do you use and what are their fees?

Check with Dom from H.I.P.

If you have an iPhone or several other smart phones you need to look at using Square. 2.75% fee and no monthly fees or contracts to sign. If you have to key in the number for some reason the fee is 3.75% + .25.



Thanks everyone I did get signed up with square up.

Read the fine print… you can only charge up to $1000 to get the equivalent back in your account. Anything over $1000, you are going to have to wait until the next cycle.


Switching over to my local bank.
Checkcard purchases = 1.59%
Credit Cards = 1.79%
Rewards Cards & Keyed Transactions = 2.19%
Corporate Cards and High Level Rewards Cards = 3.19%

$0.15 per transaction
$15.00 Monthly Service Fee
Absolutely no other fees associated, including PCI Compliance

Next business day funding as well. No limits on transaction amounts either.

Did you have to sign a contract?