Who Does A Lot of IR

I am looking for someone who does a ton of IR stuff in Florida. I only cover some Dade, all Broward and Palm Beach. If you view me as competition and do not wish to chat no worries.

I would like to talk to someone doing high end IR stuff. Even stuff not in a Home
Inspection. I may even wish to spend a day or two with someone to see just what it is like.

I just took John’s course and would like to see just what folks in Florida are doing with IR. I am especially interested in the equipment you all are using and the things OTHER than just Home Inspection stuff you are doing and the type of equipment and how you are doing things.

If you are willing to help please let me know or if you know someone or a company doing what I describe please let me know.

I would also love links to peoples websites who primarily do only IR if you have any links no matter where they work. I would like to see what they offer and get a vague idea of prices of different services.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll be in Florida 4 days next week, can I talk to you then? :wink:

Sure post or shoot me an email when you are around. Will you be working IR or Vacationing?

There are only a few of us here that are more than camera owning Home Inspectors…

You should take your plea to NACBI.

You should also step up to higher learning, and do it “on site” so you can meet and learn from those that “do it” not just read the book on line.

Why would anyone in Florida want to teach you their trade? You live on a peninsula! Your in everyone’s back yard.

You missed out on the last IR convention in Fla for a while.
You’ll need to go to New Orleans, Vegas, or Nashville.

I do see the point of no one wanting to teach. Not the way I am but it seems most are. No sweat if I want to get involved I will with or without their help :slight_smile:

Off to work now, I’ll catch up latter :slight_smile: