Who does it help?

Which candidate, if any, will benefit from the declination of the bailout bill? And in what way? Just curious about opinions.

No one will benefit. As for the real-estate market we are headed down some more.

Good luck new guys and some old guys. Loans will be hard to come by.

Most people just don’t get it.

There are so many homes for sell and there are so many people in line to buy them, but the loan process is up against a wall.

Ok credit is not enough at this time.

As the stocks fall and foreign banks fail the American people will not get the loans they need to improve their living standard.

Once the market swings back we will have all the work we need, but how and when remains to be seen.

Whoever makes presidency, good luck.

They say that once the bail-out takes place, and the banks get their bail-out money, the banks will become more lenient on their loan process and they will then start to approve more loans.

Ya right.

We are in for a rude awakening AMERICA.

I can’t see it really helping anyone but you can bet it will hurt the Republicans and anyone associated with George Bush who will be seen as the architect of this financial debacle.

That will not be the perception if this Video gets wide play.

Here’s the thing. The democrats have a majority in BOTH houses. If this deal was such a good idea the democrats could have pushed it through last week.
They didn’t.
Seems to me that they want the Republicans along for the ride so they can blame conservatives if the plan goes south. The sad thing is, that even at a time like this the democrats are playing politics with the fate of the nation and the fate, in fact, of the world.
Yup. Obama was telling the truth when he said “No more politics as usual.” and “Change we can believe in.” The politics and change are for the worse.

12 democratic members of Barney Frank’s own finance committee that wrote this thing voted against it. Hmmmm.

I think it obvious that if a bill is to get passed there is a lot more work that needs to be done to make it palatable to the American public.

Good video explaining the situation we are in.

Do you honestly believe that his utter failure of a proposal to better regulate Fannie Mae will erase the memory of him zealously pitching this $700 billion scam that, if enacted in any form IMO, will fail miserably while sinking us further into debt while the Treasurer Paulsen returns to Wall Street to reap the temporary gains with his scumbag buddies at our expense?

Not sure who you are talking about Nick.

There plenty of blame to go around but the roots of much of this current mess go back to the concept of getting everyone into home ownership that goes back decades.

Someone posted this LINK this morning. Watch it and give me your opinion.:wink:

Already commented on it. Post #6