Who does Radon in So Cal

I have a client looking for a radon test. Is there any Nachi guys in So Cal that is doing these.

I’d love to take it, but I just passed the course and don’t have any of the equipment yet… Maybe Frank from Certified inspection services or Gabriel from Rapid home inspections can take it.

Radon is so rare in California that I don’t do it.

Yeah I noticed on the EPA maps for this area that the levels are low. When I lived in Colorado, it was everywhere and everyone had mitigation systems.
I was wondering if it was even worth the investment. I haven’t seen a lot of companies that list it as a service down here. I wonder what the “boots on ground” levels are like for Northern California, and of they are higher towards the Sierra Nevadas.

I am with everyone else, Radon is so rare around Souther California that there is no reason to invest in the equipment.

I inspected a house last week that an elaborate Radon mitigation system. The seller was present and he told me the person he bought the house from had been convinced by a smooth talking salesman to install it. But other than take up space, it didn’t seem to do much.

When I was building in Park City it was common to test for radon. I supervised the installation of a couple mitigation systems. Pretty simple systems.

I haven’t taken the training due to radon not being common here. I think the Elite group offers radon testing.

I agree So Cal levels are generally low, There is some hot spots I have found. This was the 2nd call I have got in 1 week. I wonder if there is some new scare going around.