Who has to pick this crap up?

Why even bother??? :smiley:


Reminds me of what gets passed out on the Strip in Vegas. Ha!

Many Keller Williams agents staple their business cards to these: www.nachi.org/now.htm
People throw away business cards but not books.

All whores :smiley:

The listing agent.

ha ha pick 'em up & throw them behind the refrigerator

In my area its considered a courtesy for an agent to leave their card so the seller (owner) knows who has been in their house. In a vacant house they build up.

They do the same to home inspector’s business cards. That’s why we staple them to www.nachi.org/now.htm

The book is a business card anchor.

That’s fine you guys leave them and we pick them up but far most scan them and send them to the office. Add them to our marketing schedule. Each month we pick up at least one more agent from the pile we call “hand me down.” Every chance, opportunity counts why not!! Thanks

Here, not only are they required to leave their business cards, but in some instances, there is a sign in sheet for everyone, including inspectors, to fill out. Especially on occupied homes when the listing agent decides that the inspection is not worth attending…then calls the inspector 10 minutes after the other agent tells them the inspection is done, asking for the results! :twisted:

Ditto, what Joe said, we take em and add them to our CRM and email marketing list.