Who is doing IR in South East Florida?

Just wondering who is doing IR evaluations in South East Florida.

I am interested in learning more about them.

Perhaps meeting you at an inspection and tagging along or subbing out some work to you.

Shoot me your contact info if you are doing them and are interested in expanding your client base.

I do. Just starting to see where it goes. I’ll keep you informed. It has it’s uses…Check out the Infrard forum on the board.

Thanks Jay I will when I get a little spare time.

I do IR in SW Floride and will sub out to any local HI at very favorable rates. We both make $$$

Anyone in the SE doing it??

If not you guys do you know who does in this area?

I might invest in it if I am the only game in town :slight_smile:

Mike well worth the investment, but do yourself a favor. Seek out the training. Without it, you can be missled by what your seeing.