Who is going to FABI

Anyone going to FABI, this weekend?

I’m swamped. Hopefully next one.

Couldn’t make it up there, maybe the next one for me too.

Get me an invitation to speak and I’ll do an association-neutral talk on how a home inspector can increase gross revenue.

I’ll let them know you are willing.

Once again the FABI meeting was excellent. There was about 140 inspectors there. The all day code classes were good, a bit dry but what do you expect from code. The Stucco class was excellent, with an excellent teacher and great examples.

I let the education chair know you were willing.

Who did the Stucco Class?

Do you have any info from it you would share with us?

Tom Miller with Structural Engineering and Inspections gave the class. Excellent presentation on stucco defects and proper installation techniques.

I wish I knew in advance it was a Stucco class. Any class materials or references you have to share with us?

He did the same class over in Vero about 3 weeks ago. It was free, If you needed CEU credits, it was $25.That class was a 4 hour class

This is my summation from the class…IMO 99% of the homes with hardcoat stucco on wood frame walls are non-compliant and waiting to leak. SEI is working with large home builders to educate the supervisors and stucco contractors.

So what is your narrative for that?

LOL…this kind of stuff needs to be caught at the installation stage. Visible damage gets the usual verbiage.

Do you add something to cya if there is no visible issue(s)?

If you missed it, you can take InterNACHI’s Stucco/EIFS inspection course here: https://www.nachi.org/stucco-eifs.htm

Is it the same instructor?

No. Our instructor is Ron Huffman, creator of InterNACHI’s free Stucco Identification Decision Tree Chart: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/stucco-ID-card.aspx and the Field Guide: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/stucco-id-fg.aspx both of which you should keep on your inspection vehicle.