Who is happiest?


Constructions workers happiest

Of course. Humans are meant to do good work. Nothing better than constructing something.

Very true. When you do something with your hands it provides satisfaction deep inside.
We crave the feeling of accomplishment.

Interesting, but I have to say after having worked in construction, remodeling, furniture making and fabrication for a long time, I am very glad I’m mostly done with that work. I still make some furniture from time to time though. See attached shot of solid cherry table I just finished, harvested the cherry myself in Western Md.
Momo the Cat came from SPCA.

I just did that so much that now I’m very happy to be an inspector of other peoples work and pointing out how it could be improved. :smiley:

Cool cat and nice table. Cherry always looks best when simply constructed.

Nice cat. :wink:

Thanks Paul, you’re right, with cherry you just let it shine on it’s own!

Ty Marcel, Momo and his sister Maggie are great cats, they love one another but also have epic wrestling matches!

Table looks good too!:slight_smile:

very nice

Nice shot of both cat and table. :smiley: