who is keymeow@aol.com

above emailed me a draft SOP rule for comments - who is this?

Good question as I got the same e mail.

Here is the e mail:

DBPR’s Home Inspection Standards of Practice draft rules.

Recommendations and Comments shown,

To ensure compliance with state law make your comments known.

We all have to live with the final rules


Sounds like an online Porn name! Ask Linas!!! :mrgreen:

I do not know I also received this.

And how many of you were “stoopid” and clicked the link???

Recommend the link in the above post be disabled!

I think I saw that one and spammed it .

Why, it is to the DPBR home inspector page.

Paranoia will destroy ya…

So you always click links in emails that you don’t know who sent them?

An email’s URL can be fake. What you see is not always what it is.

Paranoia will save your computer, email lists, software, client lists… you have a responsibilty as a business owner to protect your clients privacy. Do you? I bet most don’t. They never even think about it!

No, Mr. Tech expert, I recognized the link as it is the same link I have had book marked for over 2 years. :roll: :roll:


This is the same link as in the above post. Click it!

(Don’t worry, it is safe)!

Now do you get my point?

It isn’t the same as the link above because when you hover over it, it says “foad.com

And of course you did that in your email program when you received it.

Whatever. :roll:

Yea, whatever…
I am not in the habit of clicking on every link I see without determining where it goes.

To everyone else, when you get to the page, there is a pdf of comments with regards to the new SoP.

I never received the original link Eric. Can someone send it to me please. Maybe it was seen as spam? After all “catsmeaow” …lol.




Scroll down to draft reviews
list of comments/recommendations

I am also not in the habit of clicking on links in e mails where there are no names. Also, most go to spam.

Thanks Eric!

not me

Don’t want you to feel left out I got it too. Not so much worried about spam as I am a virus but have that protection too. Non issue