Who is PA wants some work?

I have been doing to leg work with utility companies as far as incentive programs and getting actual work through them for energy auditors.

Here is an email I got from Penn Power.

*Thanks for your e-mail. In the Penn Power service area we have a
low-income energy conservation program that provides audits and whole house
work to income-qualifying customers. It is called the WARM program. If
you know a contractor who is BPI certified and interested in working in the
program, send me their contact information, and I will include them in a
future competitive bid, or I can put them in touch with our primary
contractors if they want to work as a subcontractor.

Other residential programs are being developed, and plans will be sent to
the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in July. Details of those
programs are not yet available.*

I will be doing more leg work through out the country for energy audit programs by different utility companies and will post any information I get.

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very good information. I’ll look into this some.