Who is really dismantling our nation?

Slobodian is both a Luddite and a Neo-Marxist terrified of anything that threatens his anti free speech sentiments. His brilliant work includes “Dream of a World Without Democracy”. Trashing a businessman from the United States is written into the code of these do nothing professors, they hate men with actual accomplishments in life. Musk’s protection of Free Speech is more than we deserve from a billionaire. His companies are leading the way to a "greener’ future and liberals applauded him for it. SpaceX is going to put a human on Mars after broadcasting data to every inch of the planet, Slobodian writes articles comparing Henry Ford to Elon so…

It appears that Slobodian is able to elicit a reasoned response from both sides of Mukism. Personally, never heard of him before you piqued my interest to dive deeper, you’re probably ahead of me on this so I’ll defer until I read his other postings. Regards.

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I never thought I would see the day when the suppression of free speech became not only accepted, but embraced and subsequently institutionalized in America.

I one hundred percent blame this on ourselves as parents and as citizens for we fell asleep at the wheel. We allowed academia to be infiltrated and controlled by Marxists cloaked and disguised as the intellectual elite.


Forgiven… :innocent:

Well, it did start long ago when Dick Nixon thought he was above the law then Ronald Reagan came along and proved he was but it wasn’t until Obama’s 2nd inauguration that the fuse was finally lit for a clown like Trump to steal the show. So, yeah, there’s that. :thinking:

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