Who is really dismantling our nation?

Stand your ground.

That any man can relate to celebrity femme fatale eyeroll memes proves how thoroughly brainwashed and emasculated a man can be rendered by the psyop media.

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Welcome to Joey’s World of Miscreant Memes.

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Today’s price of oil below $70 has to be causing a shitload of problems for Mother Russia… back in November when this article was posted oil was trading for about $90 a barrel. Add an economic recession and oil could theoretically fall below $50, no? :thinking: :rofl: :money_with_wings:

The West’s biggest economies agreed earlier this year to cap the price of Russia’s most valuable export and vowed to hash out the details by early December. The move is aimed at reducing inflows to President Vladimir Putin’s war chest without adding to stress on the global economy by further reducing the supply of energy.

Ain’t capitalism grand?

War… What is it good for? Profits!


Who are you, and what have you done with Joey?