Who is Using Virtual Inspector??

Hi everyone! I wanted to touch base and see if anyone is using the Virtual Inspector company? They are at virtualinspector.biz. I was fortunate enough to win a year’s package with them which includes 24/7 online scheduling and estimates for realtors and customers but I have never been so frustrated in my life! I have struggled with learning even how to set up the schedule and when I contacted the company they said I needed to watch the training videos or they cahrge $500 for phone technical assistance but the only thing I could find was the promotional videos… It seems like it could be a great service but if only I could work it!:mad:

Anyone out there had any experience with the company or system? Your thoughts would be appreciated.


I have no experience with this company but it sounds like your experience with them is less that pleasurable.

I have learned that some free things cost more than they’re worth. :wink:

I have had experience with Inspectiondepot.biz but not sure if it is connected with virtualinspector.biz?


I just checked and both are connected to each other. So I guess I have experience with dealing with them. I won’t post here, but feel free to call with any question I can answer.